I'm Giving Out 10 Google Wave Invites

Google Wave logo

I have 10 spare Google Wave invites which I’m handing out. Write a comment indicating you want one and make sure the email address entered in the email field is correct and I’ll send one your way! First come, first serve!

All out of invites — thanks for playing!

I See What You Did There, Google Kirkland

So it seems Google has opened a new office in Kirkland, with an interesting cantina:

What's that in the back?

What’s that in the back?

This Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Exactly What You Think

There’s a clock on the other side, yet I never seem to be able to tell the time.

Nutshelling Great Britain

Shortly after arriving in London recently, it dawned on me why there were 182,155 personal injury road accidents in Britain in 2007:

Righthand Side Driving Completely Normal Traffic Stripes

I also made an interesting observation in a pub named The Pack Horse Inn: Mor On The Pack Horse “Mor” is Danish, Swedish and Norwegian for “Mom”. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

There are more pictures (Picasa).

Small Worlds — Beautifully Twisted Retro Exploration

Small Worlds is the twisted, Braid-like Prince of Persia remake I never knew I wanted to play. It’s completed in roughly 15 minutes, but they are worth more than the 4-6 hours you usually spend per contemporary run-at-the-mill let’s-do-everything video game.

One of the worlds in Small Worlds

One of the worlds in Small Worlds

It is literally what it says it is; a game containing small worlds that you explore — with a delightfully twisted ending, too. Simple, beautiful. Play it.