Onward to the Edge

The Center of the Milky Way


From Sagittarius to Scorpius, the central Milky Way is a truly beautiful part of planet Earth’s night sky. The gorgeous region is captured in this wide field image spanning about 30 degrees. The impressive cosmic vista, taken in 2010, shows off intricate dust lanes, bright nebulae, and star clusters scattered through our galaxy’s rich central starfields. Starting on the left, look for the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae, the Cat’s Paw, while on the right lies the Pipe dark nebula, and the colorful clouds of Rho Ophiuchi and Antares (right).

Fishing Under Ice

Apparently, this is how the Finnish do ice fishing:

Which is up? Which is down? I don’t know anymore.

via reddit

Just a Water Drop in Front of a Globe

by Stephen McFarland

Plains and Tempest Milky Way Time-Lapse Videos

I can never get enough of watching the Milky Way like this:

by Randy Halverson via Earth