You Are Here

I know this may not be much but my doctor lead me here. Sounds weird right. He said it would help me with my depression and it kinda has. It floods you with sorrow to make you feel better about yourself. The way this video hits me floods me with so much emotion and makes me feel human for once. I feel refreshed and accepted because I’m human. I don’t know what to say and whther what I say makes any sense but idk the feels. I’m really happy my doctor showed me this… — Davidous Beard

We are all one, and all we have is love.

Gigapixels of Andromeda

daveachuk brings us a zoom-in of a high-resolution picture of our neighboring galaxy Andromeda taken by the Hubble Space Telescope:

Can you count the number of stars?

If the Moon Were Only One Pixel

What if the moon were only one pixel in size? How would the solar system look? Let Josh Worth show you.

Doze Off Like an Astronaut

The High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV) isn’t new, but it’s still amazing, and it’s just about the only way you can see the sun set and rise, live, in a little over an hour, just like the ISS astronauts do fifteen times every day.

(Okay, I cheated. That last image isn’t from HDEV.)

The Odd Trio

Cassini brings us an image of three of Saturn’s moons seen through its majestic rings. (The third moon, Prometheus, can be seen in the F ring on the lower left.)