For the heavy tea drinker: Teaman is a really simple console/text-based tea timer that alerts you (with sound) when your cup of tea is ready. It is designed especially for minimum downtime between cups, and supports tea bag re-use.

Truly a marvel of engineering.


Platform Version Package Size
All (Python) 1.0 – 2011-05-01 12 KB
Git repository Development


For the tea connoisseur, minutes do not provide sufficient accuracy as they cannot accommodate delays where the tea bag is submerged but Teaman has yet to be given a time value. Since this may negatively impact the tea—especially if the tea bag is later re-used and no longer contains enough spunk for a good cup—Teaman uses seconds. (Nanoseconds were considered, but were deemed slightly too cumbersome.) Here’s a handy conversion chart:

Tea Minute(s) Seconds
1 60
2 120
3 180
4 240
All of them? 5 300
6 360
7 420
8 480
9 540
10 600
11 660
12 720
13 780
14 840
Second cup 15 900