is a simple Linux/BSD script which runs it arguments, but does nothing if a previous execution is still running (using a lock file.) It is ideal for use with cronjobs that run frequently (e.g. every minute) but which may have sporadic run times.


Platform Version Package Size
Linux/BSD (sh) 1.0 – 2012-05-18 (right-click -> Save as…) 863 B
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./ <command> <arguments>

  • ./ wget –mirror — mirrors, but does nothing if ./ –mirror was previously launched and is still running.
  • ./ ocp — primes the website’s cache using Optimus Cache Prime, but does nothing if the cache is already being primed.


  • sh
  • md5sum and cut (to be able to run ./ with different commands simultaneously and have a separate lock for each unique command. Edit LFILE in the script if these commands aren’t available, or if you only need a single lock.)

The above commands are available on most Linux and BSD systems.


No license, and no warranty.