Helios Project

The Helios Project is an attempt to create a modern text-based roleplaying game (MUD) using Python, Twisted and SQLAlchemy. It is currently in a very early stage of development and lacks proper documentation. Feel free to use this code as inspiration, but keep in mind that a lot of things are incomplete, and will break often.


Platform Version Package Size
Git repository Development https://github.com/patrickmn/helios


To run a test server, install Twisted and SQLAlchemy, correct the database settings in config.py, then run the server using ‘twistd -noy helios.tac’.

For now, the database is dropped at every reboot and populated with sample data (see dataimport.py/importBase and the bottom of db.py). You will need to use or change the “Patrick” account in importBase to get access to the admin commands inside the game environment.