cpuburn lets you utilize 100% of all available cores from the command line — useful when stress-testing.


Platform Version Package Size
Linux (32-bit) 1.0 – 2012-07-18 cpuburn-1.0-i386.tar.gz 406 KB
Linux (64-bit) 1.0 – 2012-07-18 cpuburn-1.0-amd64.tar.gz 405 KB
Windows 1.0 – 2012-07-18 cpuburn-1.0.zip 424 KB
Git repository Development https://github.com/patrickmn/cpuburn

Usage Examples

Command Explanation
./cpuburn Burn all available cores
./cpuburn -n 2 Burn two cores
./cpuburn -n 2 -u 5 Burn two cores, sending an update every five seconds


cpuburn is released under the MIT license. No warranty.