Michael Moore: America is Not Broke

I’m on the other side of the planet, but I can’t help but take an interest in what’s going on in Madison, Wisconsin. Michael Moore just held a great speech there which aptly characterizes a sentiment that could well spark protests all over the country:

Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, recently proposed a budget repair bill that, practically, would hurt only the working class. From Wikipedia:

Walker proposed a budget repair bill on February 11, 2011 that would save the state an estimated $30 million in the current fiscal year, and $300 million over the next two years. The bill would require additional contributions by state and local government workers to their health care plans and pensions, amounting to roughly an 8 percent decrease in the average worker’s take home pay. The bill also would eliminate most collective bargaining rights except for wages. Unions would be unable to seek pay increases above the rate of inflation, unless approved by a voter referendum. Under the bill, unions would have to win yearly votes to continue representing the workers, and could no longer have dues deducted from workers’ paychecks. Law enforcement personnel and firefighters would be exempt from the bargaining changes.

How infectious it is to see the betrodden yell, “We have had it!”, in response.