The New

Here we are — the first post on the new A mission statement, if you will. In a few years, this is the post I want to look back at and smile (or laugh) at what I’ve “accomplished”. Of course, this is also a chance for me to introduce myself and expand on what this website is about.

As you’ve undoubtedly deduced, my name is Patrick. I’m 20 years old at the time of writing, and I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Denmark, a small country bordering Germany as well as the Baltic and North seas.

I’ve always had a keen interest in computers and technology, from the Atari console in the Officer’s Lounge of a Maersk ship I had the opportunity to travel around the world on at the age of 4, to the family PC, an IBM Aptiva, at which I spent a lot of my time teaching myself such “programming languages” as MS-Batch and QBasic. Later I managed to install Red Hat Linux 3.0 (much to the remaining family’s dismay) and moved on to learning C. At age 11 I launched my first (albeit simple) text-based roleplaying game programmed in C.

This website serves as my outlet for writing about whatever happens to be on my mind. I’m not restricting myself to a particular niche, although I suspect the majority of my articles will concern technology in some fashion, as that is what I’m most passionate about. If you think of yourself as a computer nerd, and you enjoy spending your spare time fiddling with things related to computers and technology in general, chances are you’ll like a good deal of my rants.

One thing this blog will not be is your everyday run-at-the-mill tech news echo-blog. There are plenty of those out there, all reporting the same stories, ten times a day, every day. I’ve tried running one before, and I found it daunting and boring. I don’t want to tell you when every single version of X software is released, there are plenty of blogs and social news sites that will. I want my posts to have substance and an expiration date further than a few weeks into the future — basically, I want them to be as timeless as is possible when writing about things that are subject to Moore’s Law.

Let’s see if I can keep my word!