Steve Wozniak Is a Life Hacker

In this video, Steve Wozniak explains how he prints his own pads of $2 bills, and spends them, and that he’ll sell you a sheet with 4 bills for $5:

I’m not sure what to say other than that my mind is simultaneously amused and blown.

Take One Of My Spotify Invitations

I’ll send a Spotify invitation to the first 50 impatient Americans who send an email to spotify-invite at this domain, or write a comment using an account with a valid email address :-)

Update: No invitations left. Thanks for playing.

Otomata Makes You a Professional Music Producer

Otomata is a really cool sound tool/game made by Batuhan Bozkurt that lets you produce chaotic tunes using only squares that go in specific directions. Take a look:

This is fun!

via reddit

Map of the 2100 Moscow Metro

Planning on taking the Moscow metro at the beginning of the next century? If so, be sure to have this map handy — it should clear things up for you:

This map — and the version detailing the current Moscow Metro, which is slightly more sane — was made by Artemy Lebedev. In all seriousness, his map of the 2010 metro is a nice improvement to the current standard.

Ransom Spam

While sifting through comment spam, I stumbled upon this cry for help:

I’m conflicted.