District 9 is Easily Science Fiction Movie of the Year

I just got back from watching District 9 in the cinema, and wow, what a refreshing experience! It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a movie that was awesome (in the big guns, space ships and robots kind of way), smart, scary (intellectually), gory, and fun. It messes with your mind several times over and it feels wonderful. Take a look at the latest trailer for the movie:


I was skeptic after watching the trailer, but it turned out to be more of a distraction than a summarization of the film. Without revealing too much, let me just say that it is worth watching District 9 even if the trailer leaves you thinking it might just be a Resident Evil clone (it’s not).

District 9 is a bloody good action movie (emphasis on bloody) that challenges the viewer’s perception of humankind. I find it hard to believe that its budget was set at a meager USD $30,000,000.

Now my wait for the sequel begins. I wonder if it will be able to successfully expand on the message conveyed so exceptionally by Neill Blomkamp in the first movie.