3 Blasts From The Past

The main reason I discontinued many of my other blogging projects and re-made PatrickMylund.com was that the other sites were taking up way too much of my time, and their content wasn’t really that great — I had chosen technology news as the focus, so you can imagine. There wasn’t a lot that you hadn’t already seen 700 other places, and half of my time was spent trying to be the first to hit the button when X version of Y software was released. Boring, really.

There were, however, a few good posts that would fit on here nicely — and when I received a notice about expiration of one of my old domains, Sheeped.com, I took the time to transfer some of them to PatrickMylund.com. If you’re wondering why the sidebar now links back to 2006, this is why.

The posts are: